About us

Acreage Integrated Food Company Limited commenced manufacturing in 1996. The factory is situated at Plot 4, Alhaji Bakare close, Lameco, Sango Ota.

The company operates under two watchwords- Quality and Safety, which underline the company’s policy of churning out only top notch products without any hazard to workers and consumers .

The company employs best manufacturing practices in every stage of production and quality control is uncompromised.

Acreage Integrated Food Company Limited produces the Boom range of Dilute to Drink fruit flavoured cordials which include Pineapple ,Orange , Blackcurrant and Lime flavours.

They come in different pack sizes of 33cl and 1 litre for the Lime and 1litre, 2litres, 3litres and recently 50cl for the Pineapple , Orange , Blackcurrant flavours.