At Acreage Integrated Food Company we operate in a clean enviroment and all our processes are continually monitored for quality, hygeine and safety.All our products are certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration NAFDAC) as well as the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

We recently launched two new products- BOOM Chapman and MARK FOUR energy drink.

BOOM Chapman is made fromĀ  the core ingredients of the original chapman drink with additional flavours to enhance its taste.

BOOM Chapman is made with the original 1960’s chapman recipe and additional flavours to make your drinking experience a remarkable one.

BOOM Chapman is the ideal drink for parties and celebrations.


MARK FOUR energy drink contains approved energy supplements to deliver clean energy and has a very refreshing taste.

MARK FOUR energy drink is a product of research in human activeness. It is made with approved energy supplements and provides the needed boost at times for desired results. Coupled with its refreshing taste it makes the ideal energy drink.